Checking Account Bonus Season!


My daily commute brings me past about 5 different banks which opens up a whole new world of churning. One place I passed is PNC bank which is offering $300 for a new virtual wallet, 10 transactions on the card. Which seemed like a lot of work. The chase down the street was offering $250 for a checking and savings, so stupidly I went for this deal thinking it was pretty good.

Turns out I screwed myself out of $300 by not reading the Hustler Money Blog which is currently showing $300 bonus to open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account with Chase with direct deposit. Best part of this deal is that military members get the free safe deposit box as well as a waiver of the $25 monthly account fees even when the direct deposit is no longer maintained. I ended up opening an account for their $150 for checking and $100 for a saving account with $10,000 deposit. Don’t do what I did, and go for the $300 deal by 15 October 2016. I guess the $250 isn’t bad but it just locks up more money in savings for 90 days at least.


I was pretty bummed about not getting the deal so I went back to the bank with the new $300 checking offer and they said I had up to 21 days to switch coupons! Unfortunately the emailed coupon could not be backdated to my open dated, just to the coupon request date. I went ahead and looked around for a coupon code, even got desperate enough to look on ebay for some coupons. However I came across a post in r/churning that mentioned the movers package by USPS gives a $500 coupon ($300 for checking and $200 for $15,000 in savings for 90 days). I logged in and switched from my old FPO address to my new address and sure enough I got a $500 chase coupon code without backdate. I dont think I even had to finish the address change!


I went back today and sure enough, they honored the new coupon and will give me $500 for the new checking with direct deposit and $15k in savings for 90 days, so about 3.3% return on investment.

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  1. TJ says:

    Nice man! Unfortunately we already have Chase and they wouldn’t let me do it. Citibank extended their $400 with 15k deposit until Oct 31. You have to leave it for 30 days. Takes up to 90 days to be credited and $25/month fee if you don’t maintain 10k average balance. Let me refer you if you want to do it!!! 100$ for referrals.

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