Great Lakes Commissary Coded as “General Store”, but Soyent = Groceries!


Sadly my plan of using the AmEx Blue for 6% cashback has been foiled as some genius decided that a grocery store is actually a General Retail store. This is unique to only this Commissary as I had enjoyed 3 years of 6% cashback in Okinawa at all four of their commissaries: Courtney, Kadena, Kinser, and Foster. So back up plan is using my Gold Luxury for a general 2% cashback.

Naturally this made me explore my shopping choices, and I found an amazing deal for the Costco across town at the intersection of I-94 and route 60. Costco is offering $50 worth of coupons when you buy a $55 membership for military here. So I might start shopping at one of these big box like every suburban dad is destined to do. The $1.50 hotdogs with drink are legit, but sadly this place doesn’t even take AmEx or Master Card! Tempted to get the Citibank Costco card, but that would violate my personal hatred for all things Citibank. Looks like its going on the Sapphire Preferred.


Of course there is one last option which is a liquid food replacement called soylent, this surprisingly is coded as a grocery store that takes AmEx Blue Cash Preferred, giving me back 6%! Just a fair warning, its not for everyone, but it sure makes feeding quick and easy (think adult food formula). Use this link for 50% off your first order of course you get 6% off on top of that if you use Blue Cash, which if you use this link you get another $150 when you spend $1k! You don’t have to spend it all of some bland drink, and remember the card fee of $95 is waived for military.



I have had the AmEx blue since 2006 in some form or another and its generally a good cashback card. You will start to see my blog shifting to maximizing cashback and less points for travel as I slowly transition to my final form of a typical American Suburban Salaryman, taking a single vacation once a year. Next step for me is buying golf clubs at costco, going to bed at 9 pm after drinking a warm glass of milk.


6 thoughts on “Great Lakes Commissary Coded as “General Store”, but Soyent = Groceries!

  1. Rtjb says:

    Not really the focus of the blog but what is your take on soylent? You use it as meal replacement? How’s it taste?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Well it’s certianly unique, it’s not terrible nor is it tasty, I would say it’s a joyless experience that is overall not even noteworthy. The consistency of the 2.0 is the best, it’s smooth with the viscosity of a thin pancake batter. It begins with some notes of flour and finishes with a hint of alge oil. The overall taste is slightly savory with a hint of sweet. The 1.5 powder is a real pain to mix, which I gave up on long ago. I ended up giving the rest of my bags to Davey at He reported missing it into his normal protein powder. That one is much more gritty than the 2.0 where I would always get pockets of unmixed powder. It is certianly with a try at half price and 6% off

  2. TJ says:

    Hahaha, welcome to the Suburban Dads Club! Being a suburban dad I naturally shop at Costco, but can’t beat the gas prices. I mainly use the Costco card for gas at 4% cash back. What are you using for gas?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Using the Blue Cash Preferred for 3%, but thinking about getting the Citi CostCo card, not sure if it qualifies for 4% at the base NEX gas station

  3. Taylor G Majerus says:

    Langley AFB commissary also codes as general retail. I believe Maxwell did for me as well. For future reference.

  4. Scott says:

    Camp Pendleton MCB also coded as General Retail.

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