Avios AmExit: Good way to burn your points


Thanks to an O-5 reader of the blog who informed me of the ongoing bonus transfer of 250 MR points into 300 Avios Miles that is going on right now until October 10. This is a 50% increase to the usual 200 Miles for the same amount of points.

avios miles

As you already know Davey and I had huge redemption for using 12,500 Avios miles at 13.6 cents per mile for a $1,700 flight from Tokyo to Ho Chi Minh city with the Japanese salarymen at 2 am arriving at 6 am on JAL. This deal can potentially make a single AmEx MR point worth 16.32 cents, which is a hell of a lot more than taking the cash back like some sucker.

I’m seriously considering cashing out the whole bulk of points to top off my Avios account to half a million miles! The power of Avios is using them to book on other One World partner airlines. I have never set foot on a BA plane yet I have a lot of uses for their miles. I earned 100k when they offered it for $20k spend back in the day on the Chase Avios Card.

Since I’m back in the states some great uses for Avios is on American Airlines. For 7,500 Avios miles you can fly a short haul segment on American Airlines in coach. This means the distance is in account for the cost of miles, for example LGA is 733.2 miles they charge 7.5k. An airport that is 1,846 miles such as SFO is running about 10,000 miles. You can plug and chug with their calculator here.

What does that mean in terms of redemption? I casually looked at the direct flight from ORD to LGA for $343.20 round trip in coach.

Messages Image(83888541)

I then looked at the same flight using Avios to book, be sure you use the avios site as the BA site says they don’t fly that route (it’s true) but the avios reward search will allow you to use the Avios for AA flights. I could not find the same days but I made it work for other days:

Messages Image(2034202064)

I’m calculating 2.2 cents per Avios mile or 2.64 cents per MR point with this bonus. So might not transfer all my MR points, but certainly a good bulk. If you have been reading this blog you should have 240,000 MR points with you 65k PRG card offer, 75k MB Plat offer, and 100k Regular Plat offer (all expired). Cashing them in with this bonus time will give you 288k Avios worth $7,603.20 in domestic short haul flights on American Airlines.

You’re welcome!


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