March on the AmEx Cards! Game Over for AmEx and Me


no one has time to use this 30 times a month to make it worth it


still the best for 6% back at commissary


once Marriott merges, this one is gone for me!


by far the most nickel and dime card out there, just throw out the priority pass once you get it, and a 3% foreign transaction fee makes the 12x points questionable at a Hilton Overseas!


oh delta, I wish your sky pesos would buy me something some day


gives you the lounge access you already have, but ill take the 10k MQM on 50 cent spend any day!


finally a decent product from AmEx! It pays you $100 a year just to have it, going to focus on 3x on airline tickets, some day


this one pays you $200 as well as $100 on MB merch at the dealership!


ah, the card that started it all, felt pretty cool to have this one, but the lack of categories make it just wallet candy and a de facto centurion lounge pass

Behold! my collection is complete! Yes, the 5 card rule is sadly in full effect! I just got this letter once I applied to the Platinum Delta Card (my 7th credit card):

IMG_4679In the march of the cards above, you can see I have 6 Credit Cards from AmEx and only 4 charge cards! This is because the Everyday Rewards is actually an AU card on my wife’s account, it looks like the AU cards do not count towards your total. I do have room for infinitely more charge cards, I’m thinking the branded Platinum Cards as described by Dr. Credit Card:

As for the special versions, it depends on what you are looking for.  Let’s assuming you qualify for all four special versions.  If you look for signup bonus, the Morgan Stanley version is probably the best since it also comes with a free additional card while the Mercedes-Benz version is pretty good too.  If you like annual fee waiver and spend less than $100K a year, the Ameriprise version is very attractive.  If you want to put $100K spending on the card, the Goldman Sachs version is hard to beat with that 40K point booster.

Since these cards are not a product I already have this would mean I would be eligible for the bonus! As for now, time to get back on the cashback only wagon and take it easy! I might actuality close off some of these accounts that are approaching 24 months in age. For those of you out there that are just starting out, keep in mind there is a war going on between Chase and AmEx, and I feel there will be some great offers in the next few months!

Happy trails,


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