AmEx Desperate: 120K miles and 20K MQM offer

Messages Image(2017901328)This offer expires today. I already have the AmEx Gold Delta card so I went ahead and applied for the other 2 because they booked me on Delta on the way out of Oki. I got approved for the Reserve card  and did my 50 cent minimum spend on Amazon gift card to myself for a sweet 10k miles and 10k MQMs.

I went into review for the Platinum for the 60k miles, so who knows if I hit my AmEx limit of 5 charge and 5 credit cards. Anyways, this will be my year I try to be wooed away from United to Delta because these three cards alone will get me the 115,000 points to upgrade to Delta First Class from Tokyo to Minneapolis which may be extinct in a year since its internationally know that Minneapolis is pretty lame, yes this is the only route in existence from Asia to Minnesota which was a hold over from Northwest Orient’s route created in 1947, and I am pretty sure for the same purpose that I am taking now, shuttling worn out GIs back to the grand old midwest.

Delta One looks pretty nice and for a whopping 115,000 sky pesos you can upgrade a H class basic bitch ticket to first class! Even if I fall short I plan on using some AmEx points to make up the difference. Otherwise it looks like some pretty terrible redemption if you had to earn these miles with spend.

The icing on the cake would be making it to silver medallion without flying Delta more than once. I get 20k MQM with the Platinum and Reserve Cards alone, then 5,950 MQM from the actual flight:

Messages Image(2270201432)

Start off with my referral for the first 50k with gold, then go on with the platinum and reserve, this is your last day!



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