$100 on PRG for United Gift Registry, still works!

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Folks, good news, PRG still giving out 65,000 MR points using this one weird trick… Just had a success story from a certain o-5 in Florida. Better yet, I just charged $100 using my PRG into my United Gift registry and it was reimbursed no questions asked (see above). You kids should be banking $700 a year on United this way with 3 platinums @ $200 a piece (MB, Biz, Reg) and the $100 on PRG. You should also get your spouse involved in the same way because they extend the SCRA benefit to the spouse for AD members. So quit bitching on how you have no money to travel when you essentially get paid $1,400 a year for your membership.

Since your saving money on that front, you can spend it on a nice trip to China. I recommend this company: Zhangjiajie tour their info can be found here.

Happy travels!


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  1. […] was curious to see if United had done anything to revive their gift registry that we had used up to 2017 for dumping our AmEx Platinum credits. I am happy to report some changes to the […]

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