Suckered out of $27 By AmEx Surpass Hilton Card

I got the Hilton Surpass AmEx and this beauty came in the mail:IMG_4536It looks identical to the one I got with my AmEx Platinum(s) with free Lounge Entry for the card holder, but it is not at all. I got this shock when I checked my bill after using it at Narita Lounge:


I should of read this blog before even using the card. I’m dumb for not just cutting the thing up the second I got it as it says in tiny print that there is a charge of $27 even for the card holder. What a joke, shame on you AmEx for nickel and dimeing us. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake. If you got the Hilton Surpass, cut up the priority pass card the second you get it, or mark it like I had above. Just stick with your exact same looking card from your AmEx Platinum that has free acess for card holders, or even better use the Lounge Club Card that comes with Barclay Gold Luxury Card which includes unlimited guests.


4 thoughts on “Suckered out of $27 By AmEx Surpass Hilton Card

  1. Kristopher Valdez says:

    This literally just happened to me this week in Phoenix. I was caught off guard when I saw the charge.

  2. Kristopher Valdez says:

    I just called AMEX and told them I was charged for using a lounge even tho I have the Platinum and they credited me back.

  3. uiucderp2011 says:

    Me too, but the charge is still there!

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