Target 65K offer for AmEx Premier Rewards Gold

It has only been one day on my Non-Churn wagon and I already fell off. I read a post by user physixfan on r/churning and they are offering the good people of Dallas TX a offer I can’t refuse. 40K points on $2k spend in 3 months, followed by another 25K with $2k spend between 7/15/2017 and 10/15/2017. This makes you pay the annual fee, unless of course you are military where it will be waived any ways.

This is a tricky one that is outlined here, use VPN and incognito mode.

To get the offer you must go to this site on incognito mode:

copy and paste it incognito mode via VPN Dallas. You will be offered the 25k offer, but then close and reload again. till this appears:

Messages Image(907301182)

It took me 20 times! good luck!


Update: you snooze you lose, the offer is now only 50K as of this second:

Messages Image(1411199370)

double edit! Its back on!!!! It goes between 50k and 65K now using the VPN. What will not work is Chrome on Linux. Mac OS running Chrome Incognito along with VPN thru Dallas will get you 65k for sure.



6 thoughts on “Target 65K offer for AmEx Premier Rewards Gold

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    I’m going with the 50K offer. more points now with the possibility of getting a retention offer at that one-year mark.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      that does sound like a better offer, I never had the Cojones to ask for a retention offer since they waive my fee every year per the SCRA

      • jackgopack4 says:

        I don’t see what the issue, I will probably just chat saying I’m considering cancelling, since I don’t use it all that often, and if there’s any offers available on my account. If they say no, I’ll just say I’ll call back with my final decision to close. I doubt I will close it since they waive my fee as well, but worth a try.

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          the only fear is they say no! I guess you’re right, keep us up to date on what they offer!

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