The Good Times are Over….

…for churning of course, no comment about anything else that you might of heard about in the news about this humble little island. There are three new rules you should really be concerned about. Chase has a new 5/24 rule and AmEx has its once per lifetime rule and its 5 charge and 5 credit card max. What this all means for me at least is, STOP APPLYING! I’m fully saturated on categories, fully saturated on points and not seeing any trips on the horizon. I think it’s time to give this a break and concentrate on how to handle spending all these points that devalue faster than the Zimbabwe dollar.

The strategy now until further notice:

  1. AmEx Blue Cash for 6% Groceries, 3% Gas cash back
  2. Chase Sapphire for 2x points on “travel” and restaurants
  3. Airline tickets on their respective cards: United Club Credit Card, British Airways, American Airlines Aviator Silver, American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum
  4. Hotels on their respective cards: Hilton HHonors Surpass form AmEx, Ritz Carlton for Marriott, Hyatt Platnum, SPG Card from AmEx
  5. Everything else on Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard powered by Barclays Bank of Delaware for some sweet 2% cashback. This is probably the most expensive 2% cash back card for $995 a year, I’m going to use the Citi Double Cash Back card if the SCRA waiver disappears.

And then once a year we need to:

  1. Spend $200 on reimbursable airline fees on each AmEx Platinum Card (normie, business, MB)
  2. Spend $200 on reimbursable airline fees on the Gold Luxury Card
  3. Spend $300 on reimbursable airline fees on the Ritz Carlton Card
  4. Spend $100 on reimbursable airline fees on the PRG AmEx
  5. Stay in a free Marriott cat 1-4 hotel on the Chase Marriott Card
  6. Stay in a free Hyatt cat 1-4 hotel on the Chase Hyatt Card
  7. Look out for some flossy gift from Gold Luxury Card
  8. Spend the $100 certificate at the Mercedes Benz dealership on this adorable thing:

AMBY185This accounts for $1900 in fee waivers (2Plat, 2MB, 2PRG and 1BizPlat, 2LuxGold, 1 Ritz), so I don’t forget, I make it a Hung Over on New Years Day activity!

Every 5 years:

  1. Renew Global entry using: AmEx Plat, Hilton Surpass, Gold Luxury, Ritz Carlton Card,

Now you know the time to quit while your ahead! Plenty of good resources out there, but it seems like good news always breaks on r/churning first. Look ahead to more TSP related posts ahead as well as help on redeeming your millions of points!


7 thoughts on “The Good Times are Over….

  1. Rtjb says:

    Another good post, thanks. Was wondering if you got your Ritz and United cards after joining and whether they waive the af for you.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I had the United MP card since the dawn of time, before I joined, so they waived that, of which I did a product change to the club card! They waive the $495 fee. The ritz was after I joined so I pay $395 but get $300 credit for airline fees, effectively making it a $95 card.

  2. Robert says:

    Have you added any authorized users to your Barclay Gold card? Just wondering what the benefits would be. My wife already has a 2% back card. I’m assuming she would get the free gifts. Do you know if she would get a $200 airline credit as well. (I know this isn’t the case on AMEX platinums)



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