Hilton Diamond match for BW Diamond + 1 stay matched with HHonors gold

unnamedHHonors LogoI love recursive status matching, I have not successfully completed this particular match, because I blew my one chance, but just working with theory here. According to Status Matcher you can get Hilton HHonors Diamond with Best Western Diamond as long as you actually stayed at the hotel for a night in the past 12 months. Now you can get Best Western Diamond with Hilton gold, and you can get Hilton gold by being a AmEx Platnum holder.

The play by play:

  1. Get an AmEx Platinum Card, get annual fee waived per SCRA
  2. Get HHonors gold with AmEx Platinum here
  3. Take a screenshot of your Gold membership card on the Hilton HHonors App
  4. Sign up for Best Western Rewards and then email BW Status Match <StatusMatch@bestwestern.com> with your new Best Western Number and the Hilton HHonors Gold Card Screenshot. You will instantly match with BW Diamond!
  5. Now actually stay at a Best Western with Diamond, some people will reserve one night, not even stay and just pay the $60 night. I have yet to do this myself.
  6. Now go here and submit your receipt of stay and your screenshot of the BW Diamond for some sweet HHonors Diamond status.

REMEMBER you have only but one chance to do this!!!! I tried with my Marriott Gold and my stays and they only matched me to Gold (which I already had). I tried just now with my BW diamond Card and a booked stay, its rejecting me saying I had already subitted with the same email and number. What a big regret, should of submitted with my most baller status! Don’t do what I did, let me know how it goes with you guys!


10 Responses to Hilton Diamond match for BW Diamond + 1 stay matched with HHonors gold

  1. I can confirm that this DOES indeed work to receive HHonors Diamond! I had HHonors Gold because of my AMEX Platinum, status matched it to Best Western and received Diamond status. Then I status matched my Best Western to Hilton and received Diamond status in HHonors.

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