Gift of Tech3+ 23KT Gold Plate Multifunction Pen for Gold Luxury Card Holders


Almost three times as useful as my Skillcraft

Be patient my Okinawa Golden Churners, because the pen is on the way! It takes over a month for UPS “Mail Innovations” (4th class mail) to send it to San Francisco where it sits in a warehouse for nearly a month until there is enough boxes to put on a slow boat to China. Thanks a lot UPS “Mail Innovations”!

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Better late than never right? I knew it was on the way since reading this post on r/churning over a month ago. It is a Tech3+ 23KT Gold Plate Multifunction Pen worth about $125. It has the card holder name engraved on the side. The most interesting part about it is it has a stylus and eraser on one side and red, black pen and pencil on the other.

image image

So its also interesting the amount of packaging it takes to send a plastic card, metal card and pen. They really taken a page from the Japanese in this respect. The millennial target clientele love experiences over substance I guess. If you count the experience of opening stuff as noteworthy.


For the price, it was worth every penny, This card has cost me -$1380.00. Where the 5ok points were worth a $1,000 statement credit, the $200 airline fee was auto reimbursed, and the $9k charged got a 2% cash back of $180. This pen is just the cherry on top!


Doesn’t really blend in to the MARPATS like the Skillcraft

Well if you see a bunch of these pens out there, you will know why. I’ll let you know if the AUs get them as well.


Overall, nice touch, not a bad way to steal business from AmEx Platinum, its been the most disruptive product for some time now. It looks like they are rolling out with a pretty heavy advertising campaign. They got an ad in Vouge and on billboards in Wisconsin now.


Then you got the bloggers like myself who write about these things, overall a manufactured viral rollout of what is essentially a 2% cashback card where you can buy into a manufactured flossy lifestyle.



4 thoughts on “Gift of Tech3+ 23KT Gold Plate Multifunction Pen for Gold Luxury Card Holders

  1. PJ says:

    AD Navy Churner here in Millington, were you able to get the fees waived for the gold Luxury card? I wanted to apply for it once the bonus is back.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Hey! Hope your my detailer! Anyways, barclay will waive all fees and drop the Apr to 0% even for the luxury card. The only down side is the 50k point offer is over. You could always wait for the next promotion to start whenever that is.

      • PJ says:

        yeah I plan on waiting specially cause of the 5/24 rule w chase…. I will take the hit tho if this card comes back with that bonus.

  2. […] in Seattle got his today, I have yet to get mine. When compared to the RayBan sunglasses and 23K gold pens of the days Barclay Gold Luxury Card this is hardly a “Luxury […]

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