United Targeted Points Bonus Offer 40 to 96K MR miles

Thanks to chenistry and his/her post on r/churning I got offered 40k bonus miles when I spend $2000. Click here to see if you qualify, it looks like its targeted to those with any United Premier Status. I am currently silver and got this offer:

Messages Image(713809340)The offer is customized based on your spend already done. As this is the offer for my Premier Gold Wife:Messages Image(1097361080) And this is for Alex an avid reader of the Derp Report, he is 1K:Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.43.18 PM

I asked my normie non status friend Davey from TrainWreckTrader.com and he verified that he got a easier deal than myself:

IMG_1238 IMG_1239IMG_1240

Looks like in all cases those with higher offers spent and booked major flights the day/week before, not sure if this triggered the invite, but looks like United is trying to capture our spend for the second remaining half of 2016. Best of luck out there!



One thought on “United Targeted Points Bonus Offer 40 to 96K MR miles

  1. jackgopack4 says:

    Only thing is that for me at least, it’s spending *on United fares.*
    I’ll have to buy some tickets to make use of it, not just spend or MS.

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