Data Point: Barclay Bank Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard Still Shines

Good news! For those that got the 50K bonus along with the military waiver you can actually make $1,180 on a $9,000 deposit to NRL Federal Credit Union. That is a sweet 13% return on “investment” with zero risk.

pass (1)Application is easy, just join the American Consumer Council (ACC) that is a member of the FCU, then upload a photo of your drivers license, set your cash advance fee to zero by calling 866-408-4064 (Barclays Credit Department). Charge the max of $9,000 to your Gold Card to satisfy the $3k in 90 day spend requirement for the 50K points. You will get 9,000 points for the $9k spend earning 59,000 points redeemable at 2 cents a point for $1,180 statement credit.7kkk

The good news doesn’t end there, I booked a reservation on United for my cat for $125 on the card and it was reimbursed 100% AUTOMATICALLY! This comes out of the $200 as an annual airline fee credit.Untitled

Note above the $200 charged on Amazon Gift Cards on MPX does not get reimbursed as it has the merchant spent on the charge. However this trick does work for amex platinum.

So if you got the bonus, good for you, if you missed the boat, shame on you because $1,000 is a lot of money you just denied yourself for being lame. Well at least you can get $180, and repeat this for a checking account.

Lastly there have been some reports of a gold pen  being sent out to card members. However no one at FPO/APO had gotten theirs. Its been a month thinking its a UPS issue, but I called up my trusty CDR friend in Florida who reports also not getting a pen.

The O-5 called Barclay Concierge who said that only a select few card holders get Luxury Gifts as they come out. So there is your answer! Better luck next time!


3 thoughts on “Data Point: Barclay Bank Gold Luxury Card World Elite MasterCard Still Shines

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  2. Chuck says:

    Nice blog. I discovered this by accident yesterday. Do you know if Barclaycard is still providing the extra SCRA benefits for their Gold Card? I applied for it got it a while back, with no issues. After 6 months of pestering a shipmate about missing out on such a great deal, he’s finally ready to apply.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      They waive the $900 annual fee and give you 0% apr even on cash advance, but they no longer offer 50k points to sign up. I did get a 22k gold pen song guess that is still on!

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