DerpReport Challenged by trainwrecktrader in TSP Performance

Money and finance are no longer dirty words that are meant to be discussed in a private bedroom setting between Mummies and Daddies that love each other very much. Nor is it a huge faux pax to admit your an idiot and have no idea what your doing to everyone. I will have to give it to you that it took God’s “Gift” to the world Dave Ramsey and his guilt ridden sermons to finally get my spouse on board to talk about the most boring and uncomfortable subject of budgeting and finances. This blog has taken a new direction as we are now not just doing sweet churning deals for military, but I want to analyze the many financial options out there for us.

My work place is unique, we have a 40 year old family man on his second occupation who runs FPU, we have a DINK HENRY, I have this YOLO /r/wallstreet bet childless single hipster, and phoning in is a O-5 in his mid 40s with two kids.  Together we have very different views and opinions on how to save for the future. We are however all staff corps officers with the Navy who are always comparing ourselves to our private practice counterparts.

First challenge raised is TSP allocations, we have all started out $18,000 a year into TSP and now we have been disputing what we should do in terms of allocations. I went ahead and got two years of TSP Pilot since I needed to do $3k spend on my AmEx Hilton Surpass card. Plus, I’m like super lazy, i don’t even have time to read these huge reports he sells.

On the flip side we have Davey who does have time since he has no wife and kids, and just a giant pile of money in his tiny BEQ (edit: BOQ aka jack shack). He will be tracking his performance here. Smart dude, but not asian, so questionable quant skills. Any-who, let the best man win, if you want to be included in the rankings, go right ahead and comment below. Let the best TSP win!


2 thoughts on “DerpReport Challenged by trainwrecktrader in TSP Performance

  1. It’s a “BOQ” room, which means it comes with a microwave and the ability to be outside in 10 steps or less!

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