Notes from the Okinawa Churn3 Summit at ビアライゼ


Some amazing brews for 2x points on CSP

I had a great time at last night’s get together with Andy Sheep from Boarding Area and one of our readers Nathan who all happen to be in town at the same time for once. I like to think we are the big 3 churners on island (the ones that have admitted it it anyways). They have been doing it for much longer, and I look up to these dudes with their Diamond Hyatt status as I sit here with my lowly platinum, thinking, one day this will be me.

The venue was Beer Rize down the street and to the left from Gate 1 of Kadena in Chatan. Excellent food and beer, thanks for Nathan’s suggestion. I learned more in that diner that I have from two weeks of r/churning. Here are just two tings I learned form our little meeting:

First off, Navy related of course is the Naval Research Laboratory Credit Union is offering a 7% CD for 7 month up to $7K. This would mean $285 in earnings if you max out the deal, best part is that you can fund it with a credit card up to $9K of which I am going to use my wife’s new Gold Master Card Luxury Card to fund it, two birds with one stone!

Second thing is they are currently offering 75,ooo for the AmEx Platinum MB card with $475 annual fee waived for military. I use this card as part of my Platinum Trifecta (Normie, MB, Business) giving me $600 a year to use on United Airlines gift registry. If you haven’t gotten the card already, go for it, otherwise you won’t get the bonus if you ever had the card before.

So there you have it, any ideas for a meet up, comment below and we can make it happen.



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