Direct flights from Naha to MCAS Iwakuni on ANA @ $98 each way


Double good news today! Experience Japan Fares have been extended till October 29, 2016, and there is no longer a layover in HND for those that need to fly to Iwakuni from Okinawa. Thanks to our visiting Iwakuni friends, I learned a whole new route departing from the one gate passenger terminal located on MCAS Iwakuni:

NH 1267 departs daily at 11:00 from Iwakuni (IWK) to Naha (OKA) arriving at 13:00

NH 1268 departs daily at 13:45 from Naha (OKA) to Iwakuni (IWK) arriving at 15:35

Keep in mind that Hiroshima is connected to Iwakuni via JR train where you pass by the sacred island of Miyajima with its floating tori gate. No need to hang out all weekend in Iwakuni, you can actually hit three of the most beautiful sites in Japan over a single long weekend.


Best to fly into Iwakuni, check out the Kintai bridge, Iwakuni Castle then head over to Miyajima on the JR train, spend the night so you can check out the Floating Torii gate at Itsukushima during high and low tide. You will have the island to your self as no one really spends the night, and you can walk out to the gate at low tide. Next day head to Hiroshima and take the loop bus that will bring you from the JR station to Hiroshima Castle and Peace Park. They have a Sheridan at the Hiroshima JR train station that honors the government rate don’t bother using points on this one as its about $186.55 for club level, put it on your SPG AmEx card for some sweet 5x points per dollar spent. Then next day take the bus from the train station to catch:

NH 1861 departs daily at 11:35 from Hiroshima to Naha arriving at 13:30

the reverse flight is:

NH 1862 departs daily at 15:35 from Naha to Hiroshima arriving at 17:20 if you wanted to do this whole thing backwards.

Best part is they honor the ANA Experience Japan Fare on all of these flights, so don’t be a sucker and pay full fare, use you international ticket and gajin passport to pay only $98 each segment! Also be sure to use your United Airlines number for sweet 150% segments and miles.


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