Fit and Finish: What a $995 card looks like

Looks like the first 4 digits for the MC is 5452 for everyone, not too many zeros as eluded before. The card honestly feels like the CSP and not even close to the weight of the RC Rewards card. If you were gonna plop down $995 for an awesome looking card you might be very disappointed. The gold plate seems very thin, not wrapping around the sides, and the carbon back is just printed plastic in appearance. Sorry to burst you bubble, but save your money folks and get the RC rewards for better plunk factor. But hey if your military you get it for free, just like this dude!

DSC_3947 DSC_3948 DSC_3949 DSC_3950 DSC_3951 DSC_3953 DSC_3954 DSC_3955 DSC_3957 DSC_3958 DSC_3962 DSC_3966

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