The Unboxing: The BEATS by Dr. Dre of Credit Cards

Barclays-Card goldOne of our O-5 readers of the blog just received his Master Card Gold Luxury Card , he was kind enough to share the unboxing photo above. Looks like his spouse was very impressed with the sheer weight and shininess of the new card. It really is the BEATS headphones of cards as weight = expensive. The card was so shiny infact I didn’t really need to censor out the number, it’s practically unreadable.

redditI’m still not impressed with the design and I’m thinking of etching into the gold plate the design above, just as a little joke to my favorite sub-reddit. Maybe masking out a design and using sandblasting to expose the base layer, perhaps using laser etching or acid etching. Once I get my card, I’ll post some photos of the fit and finish, maybe even a video of the unboxing.


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