(expired, no SCRA) Barclay offering $995 24k Gold Card free for Military Members, Why not?

***NOTE*** Barclays has shut down SCRA annual fee waivers for all cards as of 28 Nov 2016, This waiver was then revoked in March 2017 to everyone who got the card after they joined the military. No word on Barclays other products (AAdvantage Aviator and Arrival+)


Barclay has become less useful in my travels ever since dropping TripIT pro from the benefits of the arrivals plus card. It has sat in the back of my vast card archive along with its AAdvantage Silver card which I rarely use since getting it in place of my US airways card. However this post on reddit made the company relevant again!

Barclay has revamped its failed Chachi oriented Visa Black Card to an even more outrageous Thirty Thousand Dollar Millionaire MasterCard Gold Luxury Card. It is 24k gold plate with carbon fiber back. The best part is it weighs a hefty 0.8 oz for a great plunk factor. However as the boarding area article says it has questionable value for a card asking for $995 a year and another $295 for an additional card. This obscene price tag for essentially a 2% cashback card with no categories.

The mere existence of the card is disgusting, I feel they even flaunt the $995 as a feature of the card, as you get the global entry and $200 travel fee with a cheaper card like the AmEx Platinum for a mere $450 (it makes me sick to even say that). However DOC says the initial offer of 50,000 points worth $1,000 statement credit would justify the $995 annual fee. What caught my eye was the article mentioned Barclay will waive the annual fee of $995 for Military, so naturally I called in and it was confirmed by Barclay that all annual fees on this Gold card, Arrival Plus, and Aviator silver would be waived for Military Members.

So with this arrangement you get a 24k gold/carbon fiber slab that gives you $200 a year to spend on airfare (which you were going to do anyways via gift cards). Essentially they pay AD members $1000 balance credit with 50k points and $200 for anything travel related.


I found myself in a quagmire, do I get this card just to have something so curious and ironic just because its free for me?  Should I stand firmly against bad credit cards that are a waste of time and money? Was this soon becoming the Birkin bag of credit cards? Then I thought about how I’m freezing my ass off on this tiny Pacific Island today, and I went ahead and applied online as a personal thank you to myself. So on flyer talk the others before me have experienced that all applications go into manual review. I am checking here, and calling here in the near future to check on the application.

This card will be my dark secret, it will be buried deep in the collection, please punch me in the face if I ever use it to try to impress you, you have my permission.


27 thoughts on “(expired, no SCRA) Barclay offering $995 24k Gold Card free for Military Members, Why not?

  1. Colonel Angus says:

    I deem the douchebag tag appropriate right about when you mentioned the Birkin bag.

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  6. Brandon says:

    If you don’t mind me asking what’s your credit score. Looking at getting this card myself. I’ve worked quite hard at making sure I have an excellent credit score.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      760, but the 50k deal is now over 🙁

      • rtjb says:

        Just to check my logic, I missed the bonus (so ashamed) but still got the card because it basically pays you $200/year to have as a military member with the fees waived per Barclay policy, right?

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          $200 you can use to buy an airline ticket is the annual credit, do it now and then again in Jan. You also get a luxury gift. There should be a cross cross tech 3+ pen coming for me soon, but has yet to arrive.

  7. jason says:

    Is it true the APR on the barclay gold card is 0% for military members? Not just an introductory rate on balance transfers but 0% for all purchases during the cardholders active duty period?

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  9. Stoli says:

    I just got my card in the mail and when I activated it they then told me that they have decided to not waive any of it for military members as of 28 November 2016. Yes, last week while my card was in the mail. I then asked if current members would be grandfathered in and his answer was a very non-commital “they’ll be notified we’ll in advance of any fee changes before they’re due.” I’ll call again tomorrow in hopes that one agent was just being a douche but expecting to have to cancel it immediately and go with the American Express Platinum. Very disappointing.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Thanks for letting The Derp Report Know the sudden change in tune from Barclays regarding how they are handling service members and the SCRA. Perhaps we all knew when this $995 card came out in February 2016, it would either be too good to be true, or they would quickly shut it down. Looks like you had it just under the wire, I am sure if you press the enough they will consider your situation. Don’t give up hope, or just run to AmEx and forget the whole thing. Honestly your not missing out on much without the 50K bonus offer on essentially a gilded Citi Double Cashback card.


      • B says:

        I just confirmed this as well. I received my card in October and sent in orders to get the fees waived, and got a confirmation letter shortly after. After seeing this post I called and they said from now on the benefits would only apply if you received the card prior to going active duty. As for grandfathering in I got the same answer that any changes would be sent in writing if applicable.

  10. LogO says:

    I smell a class action lawsuit coming…many service member who have the card have used it and racked up balances on it…because of the 0% APR. If Barclay reverses their decision and makes all grandfathered cardholders pay the annual fee, this could potentially impact a lot of service members…

  11. C says:

    Got the letter in the mail, no grandfather of older cards. We have until april to spend our points and ditch the card or pay!

  12. Hawkins Thomas says:

    I have had my card for over a year and got the same letter stating that we will now have to pay the annual fee. I called to confirm and it’s true, I have until Feb of 18 to decide if I want to cancel or pay the annual fee.

  13. Michael V says:

    Same with me. Got the letter in the mail. Absolutely no reason to keep this card paying 995 annual fee. I kept a balance on it of multiple thousands because literally why not? They do allow you to cancel the card and pay the balance after it has been cancelled. Since i have a 0% APR i will pay the minimum monthly every month until balance is gone no matter how long it takes. I didn’t really use this thing that much anyway. I did love slamming it on the bar when i did use it though. That was fun!

  14. Doug says:

    I asked to be downgraded to black card or titanium card for a lower annual fee. And surprisingly I was offered an extra year with 0% on gold card and annual fee waived. I better keep racking up spending for them to consider continuing waiving next year’s annual fee.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I was not so lucky:

      Dear Derp Report:

      Thank you for contacting us regarding your MasterCard® Gold Card™. We can certainly address your concern regarding a downgrade on your account.

      We apologize for any inconvenience as at this time we do not have a offer available to downgrade your current account. Please know that your annual fee will bill on 05/31/2017. Thank you for your service!

      If you have any other questions or concerns, please reply to this message.


      Customer Service

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