Confirmed: Free GoGo WiFi on JAL from HND to OKA


Yup, 3x AmEx Platinum (Plain, MB and Business) would cost $1,375 a year but AmEx is the only company besides Barclay to waive annual fees for military regardless of when they get the card! With three platinum cards I get $600 a year incidental travel expenses reimbursed (I chooses United), three Global Entry applications waived every 5 years, and the best part is I get GoGo inflight wireless (10 flights for the business card). I was able to take advantage of this on my most recent flight from Tokyo Haneda to Okinawa Naha.IMG_2554


Although it was spotty at times, it appears there is quite the coverage over large routes over the ocean. It would of been nice to use for my flight from NRT to LAX for 9 hours, but the 777 with Magic V AVOD on JL062 did not let me use it, it only gave me an option to roam on T-Mobile. However this 767 from HND to OKA JL065 had a much easier menu where I clicked on use “JAL internet Certificate”


and then logged into my GoGo account. So you can always check r/churning on Reddit where ever you are in the world or even study your FMF notes!


Let me know what luck you have on other JAL flights!


2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Free GoGo WiFi on JAL from HND to OKA

  1. Robert says:

    I got the amex platinum and they waived my annual fee because I was military. I then got the platinum business and they wouldn’t waive the annual fee on that. Did you do something special to get the annual fee waived on the business card version for military?

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      They confirmed they would waive for platinum as they had always waived for my business gold. I’m not sure I did anything different.

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