Best MR Redemption in San Diego

Hello from sunny and soggy San Diego. Been real nice to see all my old friends from Okinawa! Allen asked me the best way to dump all his MR points, and he was going to take the cash back! After giving him a verbal lashing I ran the numbers and there is great redemption flying out of the one runway wonder known as San Diego International Airport, AKA Lindbergh Field. Which is awesome place for planespotting, because they built a huge parking garage known as the Laurel Airport Parking right at the runway end safety area (RESA) where if you can feel plans zipping right over your head. They hate people going up there, but they should really monetize it like Cubs rooftop viewing.

Anyways heres the best calculations I found:

From SAN to Avios MR $ out of pocket $/Avios $/MR
LAX 4500 5625 382 $0.085 $0.068
DFW 10000 12500 117 $0.012 $0.009
ORD 40000 50000 240 $0.006 $0.005
PHX 4500 5625 211 $0.047 $0.038

So even with the devaluation of 250 MR points for 200 Avios you can still get awesome 7 cents redemption per point flying on American Airlines while using British Airways! So there is my answer, take your 40,000 MR bonus from AmEx Platinum and use it for 7 one way segments to LAX. You can transfer 250 points at a time on the AmEx Website:

amex transfer

At 6.8 cents per point the initial offer of 50,000 for AmEx MB Plat would be worth $3,400 in plane tickets, a hell of a lot more than the $500 in cash back! PHX isn’t a bad redemption either.


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