The Gold Wife

marriott gold

We have been enjoying my wife’s new shiny  *A gold status. We even got her the Marriott upgrade to gold for free! This means free breakfast at Marriott hotels! Link can be found here.


As I get ready for a dinner party with the Generals tonight (the night of 10 stars they call it), I realize there are perks to being married to a Field Grade Officer, going to be the only O-3 there, feeling so bougie! Then when I was booking for our Guam trip to visit our good friends (and blog reader) I realized how awesome it is to be married to a United Gold member as well! I debated booking under my account or under my wife’s, but when I book under her’s I get to pick economy plus sets for free right away!

free for gold members j

Usually as a silver premier member you cannot pick economy plus until 24 hours before the flight.

I also got good intel from an O-6 select that this route usually has open spots in business and very few premier status members. We are very likely going to get the business class upgrade. I see only one opening on the way there, and It looks like I might have to let my wife fly in style by herself. Hopefully we both get up there on the way back.


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