Asiana or KAL Business class Lounge while flying Peach @ ICN


So I might have been a bit harsh on the LCC Peach Airlines especially on domestic flights from Naha to Osaka. However the experience flying from Hong Kong or their newest route from Seoul Inchon has made up for the experience of being treated like cargo (at least from the Naha side). You actually feel like your on a real airline for a mere 3,990 yen ($32) per segment.

When you check in to Inchon Airport the experience with Peach is that of a regular airline. You go right up from the street level to the check in counter that opens up exactly 2 hours before departure. The check in is just like normal without a bus or LCC terminal to go to. They give you a real ticket instead of a grocery store receipt, and you get all the amenities of a real airport such as lounge access and shops to buy food.

Now Seoul Inchon prides itself in getting you from immigration to your gate in less than 16 mins.  Once you get to the terminal, you got to hop on the train that takes you to remote Concourse A. Now I was expecting the standard cargo shack turned into a terminal, but this is an actual terminal with the flagship lounge for Asiana and KAL. Sadly we did not have time to check into KAL lounge, but right above gate 119 (where our Peach mm 906 departs from) is the Asiana Airlines lounge. The lounge had no outward indicators that it takes Priority Pass. However both the new Priority Pass and Lounge Buddy App says they take Priority Pass (free for military via AmEx Platinum).

So we went for it and we were not disappointed. Huge lounge with several huge LG curved big screen display. Plenty of hot food, open bar and a beer tap. I was also glad to see some fellow service members at the lounge headed to Okinawa as well. Hope they got the Idea from this blog!

IMG_1311 IMG_1316 IMG_1312

Its a nice place to hang out, get a shower, nap, drink, and food before headed to your Peach flight right down the stairs (or direct by elevator). If it is anything like any peach flight, it will be delayed, so go ahead and enjoy some Vietnamese Spring rolls and Cass Beer while you watch soccer on the many giant LG displays!

Peach, still worth it for international flights! Hong Kong has a similar situation where flights on Peach are in a real terminal with lounge access. I haven’t done Taiwan, but its a new route hopefully with similar access rules.



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