Happy Labor Thanksgiving Day (勤労感謝の日) Japan!

As we reflect on the bounty that is 150% PQM and PQS from Japan’s ANA on United it got me thinking of what the best strategy for Gold for next year. I give you my breakdown:

Destination PQM on United Seg Needed Total Cost
Ishigaki 378 132 $7,432.54
Iwakuni (From Tokyo) 686 73 $6,376.09
Nagasaki 726 69 $6,024.79
Fukuoka 806 62 $5,426.80
Hiroshima 975 51 $4,486.15
Osaka 1110 45 $3,940.54
Kobe 1110 45 $3,940.54
Tokyo (Haneda) 1476 34 $2,963.41
Tokyo (Narita) 1503 33 $2,910.18
Sapporo 2096 24 $2,086.83

If you fly Naha to Sapporo once a month you can get Star Alliance gold for a mere $2086.83 giving you an extra bag, priority baggage and the sweet short line on all *A carriers (EVA, Asiana, Singapore Air) not to mention actual lounge access with free food and beer. So a better bet is flying to Tokyo for the many activities there, or a hub to other cities. More to come on why Peach is not worth flying and why you should fly ANA exclusively to Osaka (saving yourself a lot of time and money) or rather the LCC fallacy.


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