Using the iPhone upgrade program in Japan


Double intel day today as my wife comes back from America with my brand new Verizon iPhone 6s as well as talking to a new check in who brought her iPhone 6s from the Apple Store using the iPhone upgrade plan. Paying a monthly fee she can receive a new iPhone every year! Best part is it is fully unlocked and AU gave her a SIM card after proving compliance!

Better news is my Verizon 6s iPhone is also approved for Japan use and would be eligible for a new SIM card account. In my case I just popped my old SIM card in from a iPhone that was locked and now sold.

I am proud of these new arrivals that have done their homework, the worst feeling is being suckered into buying these crippled Japanese locked phones! Bring your own, just make sure it’s model approved for Japan, and of course put it on your chase ink bold!  for 5x ultimate reward points. Hit me up if you need a referral!


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