Q4 Changes: 50% SPG Bonus AMEX, Free Hilton Gold, No TripIt Pro on Barclay

It seems like the last quarter of the fiscal year is is the most competitive for your Christmas dollars. The first change I saw was they are offering 500 SPG points from the usual 333 for 1000 Amex Points. I went ahead and checked, I was the lucky one to get selected for this offer. I am thinking about it, seeing how I have been pretty successful in getting lots of SPG hotels during holiday seasons.

spg bonus!!!!

Go ahead and check your awards transfers on your amex MR page. Then on top of that, I called AmEx and they are now offering Hilton Gold status on HHonors which means free food, WiFi and points!! Doesn’t cost anything for military for an AmEx Platinum Card (both Mercedes and Normie). Oh, I also broke the AmEx referral system, they say I only have a lifetime limit of 7 referrals per card, so I got one left if anyone wants to be my last!

So AmEx Platinum is now my #1, the only cards that pay me $500 a year to have! Thats 2x$200 for United fees and then $100 for Mercedes Schwag.

IMG_9943 copy

On the other side of the coin, we got Barclay loosing bennifits. No longer do I get trip it pro with the membership. Makes me wonder why I even have the card, I have 40k in rewards and I have yet to spend it on travel credits. The only saving grace is it is a World Elite Master Card giving you among may things the benefit of Avis First (Preferred Plus) just call 888-963-7036 to claim your benefit.


End of year checklist: Get your $200 spent before Dec 31, 2015!! Also call them up and get both your SPG gold as well as your new HHonors Gold!



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