JAL Offering Oneworld Yokoso & Visit Japan Fare


There are two Gajin Fares offered by JAL: The new OneWorld Yokoso that requires you to fly in and out of Japan with a OneWorld Carrier. And the Visit Japan Fare that has been around since 1997. Looks like the same pricing structure as well as rules as ANA Experience Japan. There are two systems though:

The oneworld Yokoso:

Discount domestic air fare for overseas visitors to Japan

One requirement is that travel to and from Japan from overseas must be made on oneworld carriers. Also, the fare is available overseas only and is not on sale in Japan.

I can’t tell if they are a book of tickets and unused segments are refundable:

  • 1. Totally unused – Refund the fare paid less JPY5,000.
    Note: Penalty is waived in the case of death of passenger or passenger’s immediate family member.
  • 2. Partially used – Refund the difference between the fare paid and the applicable normal domestic fare for the portions used (calculate in JPY only.)
    For cases (1) and (2) above, refund in Japan is not permitted.

Visit Japan Fare:

Same as the other, but fly any arelines to Japan and Away. It does cost more though.

So there you go, nice they are refundable, but apparently need to be bought in America and only on OneWorld airlines for Yokoso, and then they charge more than ANA for the Visit Japan Fare.

Haven’t tried, please comment below if you had any success in using this.



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