Typhoon Motors Coded as Restaurant?


I had fun at Okinapa over the weekend, so much so that I woke up to a $461.10 charge on my AmEx Bill! It was coded as a restaurant with MCCS, so naturally I thought I went overboard and spent $461.10 on 2 bottles of Chateau Latour. The charge was dated on the day of my visit to Okinapa, I got home and checked my wine I bought and sure enough I had just bought 6 bottles of $9.95 wine. Thinking it as an error from the wine fest I called up MCCS and thy were very nice to confirm that the charge was not from the Butler Officers Club. They reminded me that the charges are placed on Eastern Time, so the charge was probably made early Sunday morning Japan time.


I racked my brain on how the hell I could spend that much on dining, and it hits me! I spent that $461.10 at Typhoon Motors on car repairs that next morning on my SPG card! So for some reason when you use an AmEx card at Typhoon Motors on Camp Foster you get coded as a restaurant. If I had know this I might of put it on my Chase Sapphire, or Chase Ritz Carlton to earn 2x points on car repairs. Now if this is just a fluke of AmEx, I would consider the Premier Rewards Gold Card from AmEx of which I only know gives you 2x points on dining of any AmEx product. I went back to my statements to find that my other AmEx SPG card had done the same thing in August.


Its a shame that there is no bonus on dining for the SPG card. Has anyone tried a Visa or MasterCard product at Typhoon Motors, and gotten the 2x points on dining? I hope they don’t fix this glitch any time soon, please comment below.


One thought on “Typhoon Motors Coded as Restaurant?

  1. Colonel Angus says:

    Too bad it’s not coded as a grocery store, 6% cash back with Amex blue preferred cash

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