UPDATE: 30K SPG for $3k spend

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Just wanted to update, they are now offering 30K SPG instead of 25K for the same spend in the offer mentioned here. This means I screwed myself out of 10K SPG points in getting the card early for both of us. I called amex and they won’t honor the new offer since I signed up one day too early! Booo, but my loss is your gain. Planning to stay at the Sheridan in HK for $313.92 x 3 Nights for $941.76. This booking will cost me 36,000 SPG points making use of about $0.026 per point. This makes the old offer of 25k points worth $654, and now the new offer of 30K SPG is worth $780. So I am out $260 by being too eager. Offere ends Sept 14, 2015 so hit me up if you need an referral!


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: 30K SPG for $3k spend

  1. Kelvin says:

    🙂 thinking about it! great updates. keep it up bud.

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