Star Alliance Lounges (ANA) with United Club Card

I tried to go to the ANA lounge two weeks ago and I was met with a very apologetic “no” from the staff. I reported this discrepancy to Lounge Buddy because the app told me I would have access:


Well as luck would have it I was in Naha airport when a good guy Garrett Lu at Lounge Buddy followed up with this response:

Garrett Lu (LoungeBuddy)

Jul 27, 01:42

Hi (DerpReport),

Thanks for getting in touch with LoungeBuddy!

We received your note regarding access to the ANA Signet lounge at OKA, and we appreciate your feedback. According to our information, you should have received access to this lounge using your United Club membership card. Here are the official rules according to the Star Alliance website:

Eligible Paid Lounge Membership Customers have access to any Star Alliance member carriers’ owned Business Class lounges.

  • Eligible Paid Lounge Membership Customers include: United Club, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club – Worldwide
  • Customer must present a valid eligible paid lounge membership card which displays the Star Alliance Lounge Logo
  • Customer must also present a boarding pass for travel on a Star Alliance flight departing from the local airport
  • Customer is entitled to one guest

It is certainly possible that the check-in agent did not fully understand all the access rules associated with this lounge. If you believe the rules listed above has changed or is incorrect with regards to the ANA Signet lounges, please let us know and we will further investigate the issue.

Thanks again for your feedback, and we look forward to your continued participation in the LoungeBuddy community through photos, reviews, and ratings!

Kind regards,

I confirmed this information at the Star Alliance website in English and Japanese. So I waltzed in there card and ANA ticket in hand and sure enought they let me in! No food besides beer nuts, but plety of Orion beer and Hard liqour, coffee and tea. Best part was the quiet nice view of the airplanes.

image IMG_8541

I tried this again in Tokyo Narita international and was blown away by the hot food selection, sake bar, showers, and the size was so vast it had its own map!

image image image image imageimageimageimageimage

I then got to singapore where Singapore Airlines has their longe, and sure enough using my United ticket and United Club card I got into the Singpore Air Gold lounge. However it was before breakfast time:


On this most recent trip to Iwakuni I stopped into the ANA lounge at Haneda terminal 2. No problem with access, no food but lots of boozes and this gross kale drink, do not recomend. So if you have a United Credit card before you joined the military I would suggest doing a product change to the United Club credit card. You will earn more miles quicker, as well as get lounge access when you fly on any Star Alliance flight! Best part is the waiver of the $450 annual fee, I just convinced a long time card holder, first time reader to do just that yesterday. I think he will be very happy!


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