Earn United Miles Faster on ANA

I have been on a kick on mixing and matching award programs among the alliances. I posted on booking JAL flights using avios miles. Now I want to show how you can earn more award miles for cheaper flying ANA using your UAL MP number. For example these are some routes I flew this year on ANA using my United number:

Route Award Miles Bonus Miles Total Miles PQM PQS
ANA 994-Y class 984 738 1,722 1,476 1.5
ANA 633-Y class 457 344 801 686 1.5
Tokyo-Iwakuni Kintaikyo
ANA 1871-Y class 484 363 847 726 1.5
ANA 1781-E class 252 63 315 378 1.5
ANA 3730-Y class 740 370 1,110 1,110 1.5
ANA 1740-Y class 740 370 1,110 1,110 1.5
Naha-Osaka/ Kansai

United has really made it hard to earn miles because it is entirely based on how much you spend on the ticket. So for example you spend $200 on a flight you will get 1000 miles regardless of how far your ass in the seat flew you. Good news is you still get that in Premier Qualifying Miles, good for status but not good for redemption for free flights.

The loophole is using your ANA flight towards United miles, because partner airlines count 1.5x the actual miles flown. So if we break down ticket cost and miles earned for my last trip we get this chart:

Award Miles PQM PQS PQD Cost Mile per $ PQM for $1 $ per Segment
JetStar 246 0 0 0 $117.40 2.10 0 n/a
United 4235 6656 2 605 $451.00 9.39 14.76 $225.50
ANA 1722 1476 1.5 0 $93.15 18.49 15.85 $62.10

So for $62.10 you can get one segment on ANA where as its about $225.50 for a single segment on United. Additionally each dollar spent on united earned me only 9.39 points, but I get twice that on ANA with 18.49 points per dollar spent.

Consider using your UAL number and status on ANA next time, but don’t get rid of your ANA Mileage Club card just yet! I still have mine with the Edy stored value option to earn 1 mile per 200 yen at a lot of stores in Japan. Best part is earning 2x miles at the ANA Fiesta at the airport and on food in the airplane. I will then use my American Express Member Reward Points to top off the account for award flights on ANA.

ana miles

See above on how you don’t get the 1.5 bonus when you use the ANA number on an ANA flight. Conversely when you book a deep discount fare directly with ANA and use your UA MP number you also do not get the bonus as it is considered a class B fare.

united ana


Use your United MP number and experience japan for maximum pointage!



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