$10 Credit from AmEx


Looks like AmEx is trying to compete with google wallet for securing online transactions. Now when you go to:

barkbox.com, us.burberry.com, laithwaiteswine.com, ledbury.com, newegg.com, sabon.com, ticketmaster.com, virginwines.com, warbyparker.com, wsj.com, or wsjwine.com,

you can check out by logging into your amex account and selecting what card you want to use. They are having a promotion now till 9/7/15 where you will get $10 per site per AmEx log in. For example My brother, wife, mother and I all have separate login accounts for the same account, each will earn $10 per vender, per log in, and you don’t even have to spend $10.

The only site that has free shipping as well as things below $10 is Newegg. I ended up buying a toy and then pay on AMEX checkout for $3.49. A few days later they will give me a statement credit of $10 effectively paying me $6.51 to buy this toy.

I did this with my wife’s login, and I did it before with my login and got myself a cat5 cable. This is what showed up on my statement a week later:

Messages Image(1168744945) copy

So Amex paid me $3 to get a Cat5 cable. Please comment on what stuff you got for free using this method.


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