Churn and Burn


So the past year has been all about accumulation of points. Now its time to use them up! I’m traveling with the family and this is what I have booked so far:

Hotel Location Points Cash Equivilent Point Value Source
Sheridan HK 36,000 $941.76 $0.0262 SPG
Grand Hyatt Taiwan 42,000 $762.00 $0.0181 Ultimate Rewards
Hyatt Reg HK 30,000 $616.00 $0.0205 Ultimate Rewards

You can already see that the use of Ultimate Reward points yields almost twice the value as if I had simply used points for cash back. However the use of SPG points is worse if I had transferred 1000 AmEx Member points for 333 SPG points. Whats nice with SPG is you can book now and convert to points later. I plan on using the SPG AmEx card to get the initial offer and earn on referral for the points. Not sure what to do with AmEx points now.


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