Hacking the Amex Everyday Preffered


I’m a big Liz Lemon / Tina Fey fan, so it was exciting to see her as the face of the new American Express Everyday Rewards card. However I am going to talk about the Preferred Everyday card which has an annual fee of $75 which is waved for Active Duty. This card is brilliant in the way it makes you want to use it at least 30 times a month in order to get 4.5 points on Groceries at the Commissary and 3 points per dollar on gas on any base (even overseas). Without hitting the 30 transactions you only get 3 points for groceries and 2 for gas which is just okay, but it doesn’t compete with the Blue Cash Preferred at this point with 6% and 3% cash back respectfully.

amex2The website even has a tracker with deadline to make sure your on course.

Currently the best I can do for gas is 2x with my gold (although I can choose 3x for gas annually over airline tickets), and 6% back on Amex Blue Cash Preferred. So it is essential to get the 30 transactions. So even with 2 card holders linked to this account and trips to the gas station and grocery store we would be too close to losing the benefit. So I have been placing amazon orders separately as well as very constructive spending.

The exchange uniform store on foster has blank dog tags for $0.08

So I wondered what I would do with a bunch of blank tags, so

I ended up buying stamps from the postal center at $0.49 each.

or even a half gallon of gasoline.


Bottom line, get those 30 transactions any way you can! If you are interested in this card, just message me and I can send you a referral!




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  2. Jerry,
    Great blog. Thanks for putting this together. One thing I am doing is using the Star card to save 10% at the exchange food court, and occasional sales at the exchange that require you to use the card. I try not to eat there that much since it is not good for the waistline, but it is good for the wallet. I then pay the star card with a credit card in the store and get the rewards for the card. It is always good to double dip when you can, you can also use this to get those 30 transactions without buying dog tags or something else you dont want 🙂

    • Very good point TJ, I currently put all dining on my Chase Sapphire which earns me 2x points, and 3x on the first friday of the month, These Ultimate Reward Points are good for United flights. But you do make a good point, what to do with all these 8 cent dog tags?

  3. Thanks Jerry this is fun to read. TJ I have been meaning to ask you how you pay the star card with a credit card since we finally found ours from ODS and have started to use them but couldn’t see a way to pay them on the website. credit card in the store huh. thanks.

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