Get Double Ultimate Reward Points on your ETC payments.


My commute has been cut in half by using the tollway here in Japan. I went ahead and got a reader in the car in order to get a discount instead of using coins. You can always use credit card, but the metal card that is the chase sapphire will not get read in the toll both machines.

However your Chase Sapphire Preferred card will get you double points, this is using my ETC card reader. I have my card registered using the service which sent me a card on base. I got a reader installed in the car and i just use the fast lane on the highway.






So if you got to use the toll and love points, think about the chase sapphire and Click here for a referral for the chase sapphire




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  1. How’s it going? I had no idea about your blog until I saw recent post. Shoot me a message please.

    What does charge for their service? I think when Fad-tech was still doing them – they might still be – that they were adding 10% onto the base fee.

    Also if you use your Citi Premier you’d earn 3x points!

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