American Express Everyday Preffered

Just got the card in the mail, not a bad design! They have the chip and signature already placed as well as reduction of the signature line to fit entirely behind the logo. The silver square is very reflective and you can almost use it as a mirror.

So I took back both the gold and blue from my wife and I am having her use this card in its place. If we do 30 transactions a month we get a 50% bonus, thus Commissary rewards will be 4.5 points to the dollar and then gas will be 3 points to the dollar. If you value your Amex membership reward points at 2 cents a piece like the points guy then you are getting 9% cash back on groceries and 6% cash back on gas which is higher then Blue Preferred. However if you don’t spend a lot on reward travel, then just stick with 6% with blue cash.

Will let you guys know how it goes.


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