Getting your DeCA fee back at the Commissary and then some


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My poor wife has 5 credit cards she must carry around and remember what each one is used for.  In the case of shopping for groceries at the on base commissary she knows to use the Amex Blue Cash Preferred which gets 6% back on groceries at the commissary. It also good to note that the Commissary is merchant coded as a American grocery store so the charge shows up in US Dollars as well as not incurring a foreign transaction fee, which is not waved for this particular card. Also the $75 annual fee is waved for active duty military members.

Also those new to the military should know that the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) charges a 5% “tax” on your groceries and using this card will effective get rid of this tax as well as earn 1% cash back on top of it all.

My lovely wife is also an avid couponer who has signed up for as well as picked up coupons in bulk from Marine Family Readiness as well as the Navy Marine Welfare Society building under Red Cross Headquarters both on Camp Foster. The coupons can be used up to 6 months after their expiration dates overseas!


The every day cash preferred is coming in the mail soon. It has a $95 annual fee (waved again for military) , it earns 3x Amex Member points instead, more to come on that!


Happy commissary shopping!

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